Striper mini-report 5/5/21: Last night, while you were sleeping…

…I was standing in a river, practicing my greased line swings with a floating line and a 10″ Rock Island flatwing. My casting was good enough. My presentations were spot on. The bass were…not there. At least not in any numbers. We saw some wakes and swirls made by herring, but nothing to suggest that they were present en masse. We heard a couple reports of bass crashing bait, but they were in the first 30 minutes of our 2+ hour session, and then nothing. So it goes. This is why it’s called putting in your time.

In between casts, I found my mind wandering toward Block Island: plans and schemes and hopes and dreams. I could use a striper rainbow right about now.

4 comments on “Striper mini-report 5/5/21: Last night, while you were sleeping…

  1. Bob Mlynar says:

    I admire your tenacity and perseverance. I most admire your honest reporting. Look forward to the good or bad when it comes to trout, stripers or steelhead. Thanks.

  2. Bill Giokas says:

    Steve any worm hatches down your way? I hit my first one the other night and it was like dry fly fishing for Stripers! Bill

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