A (Fairly) Good Day for the Five-Weight

Today was tidal creek stomping day with Toby Lapinski, he armed with his light spinning gear and me with my trusty five-weight. The wind was a bit of an issue for me — as was casting room — but once I reacquainted myself with the nuances of casting a three-fly team with a 9-weight line on the 5-weight rod, everything was jake. We hit two marks on the incoming tide. One was a total blank, and the other produced for both of us. Nothing large, but enough to put a nice bend in our rods. It sure didn’t feel like December.

In these politically charged times, here’s something we can all agree on.


This one didn’t make it. We saw scores of dead bunker, especially at the second mark. Many had bird wounds (post mortem?). Apparently there was a substantial fall invasion of these crazy menhaden.


You’ll experience fewer tangles with a three-fly team if you slow down your stroke and open your loop a bit. Photo courtesy of Toby Lapinski.

4 comments on “A (Fairly) Good Day for the Five-Weight

  1. James Joseph Berry says:

    9wt line with a 5wt rod ???

  2. William A Giokas says:

    One time Kenny Abrams came to the Cape and he had us all take the reels off our rods then we tried them with different line weights. Very interesting exercise . Steve, is your rod one of Abrams Stick? Bill

    • Steve Culton says:

      That’s a great little eye-opener, isn’t it? This rod is an old TFO TiCr 9′. Very fast and the 9-weight Outbound slows the casting stroke nicely. Funny thing! I use the same line when casting my 10.5′ Ken Abrames Salmon Saxitilis #3 (not a 3-weight, just a numerical designation).

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