Tip of the Week: Save your welded loop with a heavy mono butt section

Many, if not most, modern fly lines come with a factory welded loop for an easy leader connection. The problem is that if you’re using a straight shot of leader material that’s under 40lb. test, the diameter of that leader can cut into the the welded loop while fighting a big fish, trying to free a snag, or inducing any other stress that puts extreme pressure on the connection.

Solution: create a short mono butt section to act as a buffer between your welded loop and leader. I’ve been using a foot-long length of 50lb. or 60 lb. mono. Just tie a perfection loop (here’s a great tutorial from Animated Knots) at both ends, and you’re good to go! I’ve been using this system with my two-handed shooting head for over a year.

6 comments on “Tip of the Week: Save your welded loop with a heavy mono butt section

  1. Scott Tabar says:

    Great tip!

  2. William A Giokas says:

    Steve with your system doesn’t the loop still ware just not as much but it will still ware ? Why not just cut off the loop and use a nail connection with a loop knot? Bill

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Bill, no, it does not. 18 months into this system and the factory loop is virtually non-blemished, and certainly not cut into as typically happens with smaller diameter connections. In my experience, cutting off a factory loop and replacing it with a hard connection inevitably results in a cracked, hinged line at the junction point. So that’s my logic! 🙂

  3. Steve Culton says:

    I replace the butt section once a season. 🙂

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