Striper Report 3/30/20: doubleheader skunking

Not satisfied with yesterday’s Farmington River streamer spanking, I ventured out last night with old friend Bob for some more piscatorial abuse. We fished the Hous from 9pm to nearly midnight. Our reward was…bupkiss. Well, not exactly. Bob managed one tap on his plug (spinning for Bob, fly for me). On the plus side, I reacquainted myself with my two-handed cannon — the rust factor was minimal, and it felt good to bomb out 90 foot casts with little effort. Oh! I also managed to wade through the deepest hole I’ve ever ventured into without breaching my waders. So I suppose dry and skunked beats soaked and skunked. We’ll go with that.

Not from last night. But I did fish a Rock Island flatwing (eaten below), a high confidence herring pattern I developed many years ago. You can read about the Rock Island flatwing here.


8 comments on “Striper Report 3/30/20: doubleheader skunking

  1. Jay Esposito says:

    Hi Steve. I also fish the lower Hous on a regular basis. 4 times since the quarantine began, with only a single fish to hand. I did see seagulls picking up cinder worms on my last outing though. That should attract the stripey ones. Jay Esposito


  2. Paul says:

    Caught this one on an incoming tide-

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  3. Frank Zima says:

    No one will violate the social distance rule when you’re flailing a 2 handed rod!
    Be well…and safe!


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