“Wet Flies & Soft Hackles” class March 14: Special Offer!

Sal, the owner of Legends on the Farmington, has authorized me to make the following special offer to currentseams readers: you can now attend my Wet Flies & Soft Hackles class for one day only, Saturday, March 14, dinner included, for just $99!

If you want to catch more fish, you should be tying and fishing wet flies like the Squirrel and Ginger.


What: “Wet Flies and Soft Hackles” is a tying and how-to fishing class. We’ll do plenty of tying (bring your vise, tools, and threads and I’ll supply the rest of the soft-hackled magic) and we’ll have a little classroom presentation/discussion here and there.

When: Saturday, March 14. Starts around 9am. Goes all day, then we enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by Sal.

Where: Legends on the Farmington, a gorgeous lodge on the banks of the river.

How: You cannot sign up/resgister through me or my website. Please contact Sal at legendsbnb@hotmail.com or visit their site at legendsbnb.com.

This class will sell out, so make haste. See you there!

3 comments on ““Wet Flies & Soft Hackles” class March 14: Special Offer!

  1. William Dragon says:

    Steve looking forward to your class on the 14th. been following your blog and was concerned what type of tying thread you where referring to using to tie your soft hackles. Silk? I’d like to have the supplies needed for the class.

    • Steve Culton says:

      There’s no need for concern! It’s all good. I tie traditional North Country spiders with Pearsall’s silk which is no longer available. I also use UNI 6/0 and I assure you the trout cannot tell the difference. If you had to have silk you could look into finding some Morus Silk. I think it’s morussilk.com.

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