CT DEEP Trout and Salmon Forums this October

“DEEP Wants Your Opinions on Trout and Salmon Fishing in Connecticut.
Public Discussions Scheduled Statewide in October
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (DEEP) Fisheries Division is pleased to invite all interested people to attend one of the public discussions focused on the State’s recreational trout and salmon fisheries. The purpose of the meeting is to obtain ideas and concerns specific to recreational fishing for trout and salmon via face-to-face conversation.
“Informed conversations between our passionate and loyal anglers and the Fisheries Division are essential to ensuring we are managing these fisheries in the most relevant and meaningful manner, consistent with the preferences and desires of the people we serve,” said Peter Aarrestad, Director of DEEP’s Fisheries Division.
Each meeting will begin with a brief presentation about the Fisheries Division’s management of trout and salmon to date and then expand to discussion on four key focal points related to trout and salmon fishing:
• What makes a good fishing trip?
• What is the Fisheries Division doing well?
• Where can the Fisheries Division improve?
• What actions could be taken to increase the number people fishing?
All people are encouraged to provide their perspectives. At the conclusion of all of the meetings, comments will be compiled and considered to help inform the Fisheries Division’s development of a statewide trout and salmon action plan.
To help determine the level of attendance and ensure sufficient accommodations for all, we are asking likely attendees to RSVP in advance by selecting the “tickets” button for the appropriate date and location.
RSVP can also be made by calling the Fisheries Division at 860-424-3474 or by email to mike.beauchene@ct.gov
Doors will open 30 minute prior to the start of each meeting.”
You can find the dates and locations here.

4 comments on “CT DEEP Trout and Salmon Forums this October

  1. Jim Kennedy says:

    Are these meetings just for CT Residents, or does DEEP want to hear from Non-Residents as well?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Jim. First, thank for following currentseams! I would think anyone can go. The press realest says “all interested people.” You could also call or email and ask; the contact information is at the bottom. Hope that helps.

  2. David Bennett says:

    I am unable to attend these meetings and have asked Mike (thru an email) about other ways to obtain the information discussed (video pod. etc.)but also hope you can use your platform to provide a source in case these other mediums are not available. Appreciate your writings.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi David, thanks for the comment and for your continued support. I don’t know that I’ll be able to give you any more information on the meeting content, but I’m sure the DEEP would be happy to discuss it with you.

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