Housy Mini-Report 9/18/19: Like buttah

I intended to fish the Hous for smallmouth, but I didn’t like the cold front that came through the day before. So to hedge my bets, I began in the TMA in hopes of some Salmo action. A brilliant day for fishing! 70 degrees, sun and clouds, crisp autumn-like air. Water 191cfs. Started with a streamer in a popular hole, and had a couple small bumps. Then I noticed some risers, and tied on a white fly soft hackle.  “The Wrong Fly Presented Correctly” Part 1: the fish were on Tiny BWO emergers, but I didn’t have anything close to that in my box. So I went with a swung soft hackle just below the surface. Bang!

Like buttah, a gorgeous mid-teens brown that’s been in the river for a while (look at those pecs). I love how nature finds a way despite low flows and scorching summer temps. 



Downstream in the TMA I discovered a pod of smutting trout in a placid pool. Again, on tiny BWO emergers and again, only the size 10 soft hackle (and 8-pound test tippet to boot) at my disposal. “The Wrong Fly Presented Correctly” Part 2: the answer again was yes.

Wrapped up the trip with some new smallmouth water recon. Very sexy water, but as I feared the cold front put the kibosh on the action. Not to worry. It’s going to be warm this weekend…and there’s always next year.


2 comments on “Housy Mini-Report 9/18/19: Like buttah

  1. Greg Tarris says:

    Was there as well. Sorry I missed you.

    Went to one of the popular pools with no one around during the day. They all came at 4- 5PM.

    Fish rising (sipping) almost all day on what looked like size 22-24 BWOs on the surface. Occasional splashy rise. Did not see any Isos but had a couple of hits when blind casting one.

    Used a size 22 Griffiths gnat since did not have any BWOs that small. Landed a nice 17 inch brown on it lol. Also used BWO emerger and wet fly both size 20 and caught a few fish on that as well.

    Fish were very particular about taking flies though especially in the slow water. Where there was a long riffle at the head of the pool they were aggressive.

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