Housy Smallie Mini Report 7/31/19: No falling in, no white flies

Another quick-hit mission to the Hous. Fished from 7:20pm-8:45pm and the action was much better than earlier in the week, if still not spectacular. This year’s weird pattern continues: instead of a building feeding frenzy with a crescendo at dark, the bulk of the bigger fish came when there was still plenty of light. No white flies yet, but I would think that will happen this weekend. Water was a little below average cfs and 78 degrees, light stain. Some decent sized bass, but no monsters — biggest were in the foot-long range, a very respectable size. Fished subsurface (TeQueely) and on top (Gurgler and Countermeasures). Did take a couple right at 8:45, but they weren’t huge.

Dolomieu the Leaper.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 2.13.25 PM


Don’t neglect the frog water-like shallows. This brute hit the Gurgler in a about a foot of water, right after the bug landed.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 2.14.41 PM

5 comments on “Housy Smallie Mini Report 7/31/19: No falling in, no white flies

  1. ebackman73 says:

    Steve,I’m enjoying your articles and The fly patterns. I use a lot of gurglers but I’m not familiar with the countermeasure. What’s the pattern?Thanks,Eric Backman

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  2. Will Kirousis says:

    To much fun! Glad you enjoyed it Steve.

  3. John Pavao says:

    we had blizzard white flys on thursday and Friday night. Thursday , the hatch started at 7:45
    friday it was at 8:15. fish all over it – in the tma.
    i have witness.

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