The Floating Line Burning Question of the Day:

If using a floating line in surf and waves causes you to lose contact with your fly, then how am I catching all those stripers in surf and waves with a floating line? (See #2 here.)

No problem hooking up with a floating line on this warm July night on a Rhode Island beach front.




2 comments on “The Floating Line Burning Question of the Day:

  1. Chris Z. says:

    Hey Steve,
    I’ve read your article and some forum posts of yours about floating vs. intermediate lines and you almost always refer to the surf. any thoughts on fishing from a boat? Outside of needing to go down deep, I’d think there wouldn’t be a big difference. . . .

    • Steve Culton says:

      Chris, the surf reference is specifically due to the widespread misconception that a floating line is a liability in the surf, specifically in waves and surf that will (myth warning) “cause you to lose contact with your fly.” You see this being stated so frequently it’s no wonder that many people take it at face value.

      As far as boats and lines go, it comes down to the million dollar questions: where are you fishing (conditions/depth etc.) and what do you want the fly to do? Fishing in 18″ of crystal clear Everglades lagoon with no current for hyper-spooky snook is a vastly different situation than fishing the Branford, CT rips for bass.

      If current is not a factor, and if you don’t need to mend, and you either want the elements and gravity to send the fly where it wills or all you’re going to do is cast and strip, by all means have at it. 🙂

      Hope that helps,


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