Guide Trips and All This Damn Water

Many of you have reached out to me regarding guide trips on the Farmington, in particular learning how to fish wet flies. My advice remains the same: we should wait out this water volume. Yes, the Farmington is fishable at this level (850cfs and change in the Permanent TMA as I write this) and yes, I know of people who have been catching trout on dries. But if it were me, I’d be focusing on nymphs and streamers at this water level. So: if you really need to get out on the river, sure, let’s do it. There are a ton of fish to be had. But if you really want to focus on wet flies, let’s wait until the water gets to 500cfs or below. (Don’t even get me started on the lower Farmington — 1380cfs right now — or the Hous, a disgustingly high 2710cfs.) And of course, there are always small streams. You know where to find me.

Last year at this time it was sunny and the Farmington was — dare I say it? Wadeable.




6 comments on “Guide Trips and All This Damn Water

  1. Steve. says:

    Was able to catch a lower flow last week and swing some Hendrickson wets/emergers. Fish remembered and I did well even with no hatches.

  2. michael taguiam says:

    I believe I won your wet fly contest when will u send the flies, no rush if your busy

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Michael. I’m sorry to say that you that you did not win. I notify all winners by email, and it was a different Michael who was one of the lucky ones. But there’s always next time! Speaking of next time, I went back to the original contest post and it appears that you did not even enter. To enter, you needed to leave a comment. I hope that clears up any confusion, and I thank you for reading and following currentseams.

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