Striper report: So that’s why no one was here

An empty parking lot is can mean several things, among them: it’s a ridiculous time of day (it wasn’t). No one is hip to the spot (everyone is). There are no fish there (ding-ding-ding). So I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary with an EP Carillo corona gorda and tried to enjoy some blissful solitude. Even a constant, soaking rain couldn’t wreck my casting practice. And so it goes.

Why I like RLS Easterly colors (grey dun, silver, peacock, fluorescent yellow) during an easterly blow. Even in dingy water, this soft-hackled flatwing really pops.


7 comments on “Striper report: So that’s why no one was here

  1. aablodgett says:

    You celebrated your 18th wedding anniversary swinging flies in the salt? And you’re still married…and still on this side of the grass? Congratulations on both accounts! (You must have a very understanding wife or you’ve got something big up your sleeve for her. Lucky dog.)

  2. David Deitz says:

    Red leader? Is that Amnesia?

  3. Tom cooney says:

    Ive been doing the same thing in the lovely rain of the great south bay. Empty lot, walking the back marshes by myself accompanied by and Oliva with the two handed beulah 9wt. Me and the geese, cranes etc and the schoolies.Still its a nice thing on a weekday morning…

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