Stripers Ripped My Flesh

Oh yeah, we’ve got some serious striper thumb going. (Bonus points if you knew the Zappa reference in the title.) The Bass-O-Matic is on. No real size to them — my larger ones were in the 20-22 inch class — but they’re eager and spirited and you’ll feel like an instant expert. The new two-hander continues to be a learning experience. I’m not close to being dialed in (the right line will help significantly with that) but it felt good to be casting a 100 foot line and seeing the backing through the remaining line on the reel. Fished a Soft-Hackled Flatwing, a Crazy Menhaden hybrid, and then for giggles a deer hair-headed beast so I could watch the hysterical antics of bass chasing on the surface. You know, I almost forgot that it was pouring.

Get in line and catch a few.


9 comments on “Stripers Ripped My Flesh

  1. michael silfen says:


    Not sure if you are aware of this but RIO has a line selector tool on their website. It’s pretty good. Especially in the two handed world where things are really different and to my mind unnecessarily confusing.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Thanks Michael. Yes, I’m aware. Unfortunately it’s not useful to me since they don’t make what I’m looking for. I do have some people working on it for me, though, and hope to find line nirvana soon, even if it’s a custom line.

  2. Zak says:


  3. cobaltbluedog says:

    Weasels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that album. pretty sure Lowell George is on that on, that’s just before he and Roy Estrada left to form Little Feat.

  4. Mike says:

    Stripers or Weasels …ripped is ripped!

  5. Any tips or tricks for landing fish with a big two-hander? Seems tricky to lip fish with so much room between the angler and the rod tip.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Sam, I love your question because it’s one I would’ve never thought people would have. Nonetheless, you are not alone. The facetious answer is, “very carefully.” The better answer is, “the same way you do it with a SH rod.” On any rod, there’s a length of line and leader extending beyond the rod tip that makes it easiest to bring the fish to hand. So: I find that distance, raise the tip, draw the fish in, and either lip it or grab the leader. If it’s the latter, gloves will help prevent cuts and burns, and you want to have a GIJoe kung fu grip or wrap the line around your hand. BE SURE TO CLEAR THE LINE FROM THE ROD TIP FIRST. In the event of a fish or leader drop, if the line is wrapped around the tip you can snap it (ask me how I know). Tuck the rod securely under your arm and remove the hook. Yes, it’s easier with a SH rod. But you’re essentially doing the same procedure. Hope that helps!

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