TGIF Currentseams Odds & Ends

Those paying attention to this sort of thing will notice that we have reached and passed the 700 followers mark. So it’s time for a celebration fly giveaway. Thank you, everyone, for your loyal readership. Details to come shortly!

If you’re a member of the Cape Cod Flyrodders, I’ll be speaking at your meeting next Thursday the 21st. The topic will be Targeting Big Stripers From The Shore: Fly Fishing Tactics and Techniques. If you’re a Currentseams follower, please let me know.

I’ve gotten a lot of praise for my Housy piece in the current issue of Eastern Fly Fishing. Thanks for all your kind words. The Farmy piece for the same pub is in the can, out later this year.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my recent intensive series on North Country spiders and (still ongoing) James Leisenring’s favorite wingless wets and soft hackles. It’s a good warmup exercise for my wet fly gig at Legends next Saturday.

Finally, I went striper fishing Wednesday night. One touch, no hookups. But it’s coming.

Tight lines and good fishing karma to all.

The big girls will be showing up soon.


5 comments on “TGIF Currentseams Odds & Ends

  1. Greg says:

    Loved the articles on “Spiders”, but I don’t tie- does that mean I am left out here in the dessert 😦

    Is there any place that they can be purchased?

  2. JASON PEYSER says:

    That last comment on the big girls showing up soon reminded me of something I remember you saying about the different environmental occurrences that coincide with fish activity. I think the first peepers making noise in CT show up around the same time the bass start migrating down the rivers (I may be mixing things up). With spring upon us could you do a post with some of those indicators that the fishing is heating up?

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