Farmy Photo Shoot and a Mini Small Stream Outing

Out to the Farmington today to take some scenics for my upcoming feature in Eastern Fly Fishing. As you might have imagined, the warm weather brought out anglers in force; it seemed like every major pool or run had a rod probing its depths. Didn’t see any fish hooked. Wished I was fishing. But I had decided to visit a small stream after my photography work was done.

Not surprisingly, much of it was unfishable. Part of this brook flows through a hollow, and the sun had yet to work its melting magic.



I did find some relatively open water. Not a touch for me today; again, no surprise, probably due to snow melt which tends to drop that water temp. Here’s a helpful small stream hint: sometimes I purposefully cast my line or leader over a rock to hang up the fly in the current. The waking fly is particularly attractive to kamikaze wild trout. I try to make sure the fly is holding over a likely lie. In this case, I was fishing a dry/dropper — this is a great tactic for a submerged soft hackle. You can see the leader going over the left third of the rock; the fly is at 10 o’clock.



4 comments on “Farmy Photo Shoot and a Mini Small Stream Outing

  1. plsullivan62 says:

    I took a look at one of my little streams yesterday around noon. Same thing — some open spots here and there. Purely a recon trip; I didn’t have any gear with me. Rain today, somewhat warmer temps, might be feasible Friday. Spring training, anyone?

  2. Alton Blodgett says:

    Thanks for the tip Steve. I fished the Willimantic TMA yesterday and had nary a bump drop-shotting. Cigar was an Alec Bradley 90+ factory second. Don’t know what it was but it sure was good.

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