Best of 2018 #2: Birthday Steelhead

Every once is a while, the steelhead gods remind you that they really aren’t out to get you. Planets align, good karma rules, and all is right with the chrome world. This year’s birthday steelhead trip was such moment. Sure, one day of skunk, but bookended by a great day on the creeks and an even better one — my birthday — on the Salmon. Not a bad thing to wish for when you’re blowing out the candles.

Skunk’s off early on day one. Brilliant even in the pale light of a cloudy dawn.



The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades. Whoops! Then it rained, and the next day was a cold, wet blank. Not worry. Good times coming.



Every dog has his day. I’d rather be lucky than good. Whatever the bromide, it’s some kind of wonderful when you’re the guy in the pool who’s making everyone else wonder what he did to deserve hooking steelhead after steelhead. One of my best days ever on the Salmon, and thanks again to everyone who lent a landing net hand and so kindly shared water.



4 comments on “Best of 2018 #2: Birthday Steelhead

  1. Ken Arstark says:

    HAAPY NEW YEAR to you and your family, Steve. Hope to see you soon. Will you be in Edison this Jan?

  2. Frank says:

    Steve, I’m lovin’ your “Best of 2018s”, but it’s reminding me that I should’ve gotten out there more! Good stuff…tight lines… Happy New Year!

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