Striper Report: Oh-for-December

The Streak is officially in jeopardy. “I can’t remember a worse December,” sang Dean Martin, and he could certainly have been talking about the historically bad fishing I’ve experienced this month. Eight striper trips. Eight blanks. I haven’t given up on trying to catch a striper on the fly from the shore for twelve consecutive months, but the clock’s ticking and my luck needs to change.

January’s bass was had in 45 short minutes. We’re working on 30+ hours in December.



4 comments on “Striper Report: Oh-for-December

  1. ekeyes1 says:

    Good luck! We are all pullen for ya!!

    Edward F. Keyes Sent from my iPhone


  2. Joseph GaNun says:

    Better get over to the Thames or the Housy. Clock’s running. After 11 months including Jan and Feb, it would be a shame.

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