Tell the NOAA no fishing in the Block Island Transit Zone

This is important, folks. The NOAA is considering a rule that would allow recreational striped bass fishing in the Block Island Transit Zone, a part of the EEZ. The BITZ is an important refuge for striped bass, especially breeding age females which sometimes spend the entire summer there. If approved, charter boats will come and wantonly kill the future of this glorious species. Please visit the link below, hit “comment now!” and provide your opinion.

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4 comments on “Tell the NOAA no fishing in the Block Island Transit Zone

  1. Dave Studeman says:

    The following was sent to the link in your blog
    Do not allow this proposed regulation to go through! Larger fish, especially the big females, will use this area as a refuge will be slaughtered! Many people along with yourselves worked hard to bring this fishery back. Don’t you be the ones that destroy it under your watch. I am a frequent visitor to the northeast the fish for stripers. I want my kids and my grand child to be able to do the same!
    Dave Studeman

  2. Steve says:

    thanks for providing the link. My experience with charter boats is they are very efficient in providing limits to their clients. Thus they shouldn’t be allowed.

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