Striper report: and then, there was one

Eleven consecutive months of a striper on the fly from the shore down. One to go.

I decided to start this month’s quest early — ten hours into November, to be exact. The tide was outgoing, of an unremarkable height, slightly stained. I saw some small baitfish, but no birds were working. Another fly angler flogged the water across from me; two dudes with spin rods joined the fray as I was getting ready to leave.

To the fishing. I was using a 3″ September Night on a floating line. As so often is the case this time of year, the fish will hang out on the bottom. I gave it half hour with he floater, then switched to the full sink integrated line. Bingo. I was snagging the occasional mussel, but one time the bottom fought back. A fine 20″ striper, hooked neatly in the corner of the mouth. And since no one else was catching anything, I reeled up and headed back home.

Forgot the camera, but like this one, November’s bass was clean and bright and fresh from the ocean.



2 comments on “Striper report: and then, there was one

  1. Chase Marshall says:

    I live in Boston and just started getting into fly fishing this year. I love reading your posts and the wealth of knowledge you share on this site is invaluable to someone like me who is just starting out. I am particularly excited to ditch my intermediate line and start trying some your techniques with a floating line. Do you have a recommended floating line for stripers?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Chase,

      Thanks for the kind words.!Every caster and every rod is different, so I hesitate to make a recommendation. I can tell you that I’ve been using Rio Outbound lines for years.

      Hope that helps,


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