Some Mini and Micro Buggers for the Small Stream Box

‘Tis the season for replenishing sections of the fly box that have been found wanting. The past few days I worked on streamers for my small stream box. While I like to try new flies, I’ve decided on a simple approach this year: proven patterns that will have me covered in variety of situations. So, here we have small Woolly Buggers and variants, sizes 8 and 12, with tungsten and brass beads (and some thread heads) in three basic colors.


I’ve color-coded the tungsten beadhead flies with red thread — you can see that on the black bugger in the front right. It’s a simple way to keep track of what’s heavy and what’s not. I’ve also swapped out chenille for Ice Dub on the body. You can find the basic recipe for these small buggers here.

The olive flies on the left are Tim Flagler’s Squirrel and Herl Bugger. The original is un-beaded, but I added tungsten heads to two of them. Hopefully Tim is not too horrified. You can find a tying video for this buggy pattern here.


4 comments on “Some Mini and Micro Buggers for the Small Stream Box

  1. joseph ganun says:

    Nice stuff. I resorted to a hunt for the smallest buggers I could find last year, since I don’t tie my own stuff. So far I have found #16’s which do well for me in spring creeks and one of the smaller NJ creeks.

  2. Peter Varkala says:

    Ha! I thought I was all clever lone wolf with my experimenting with “micro” streamers this winter. Thought that was my secret weapon, but apparently I’m not the only one who has wandered down this path. So funny, the squirrel and herl bugger was the basis from which my experimenting began.
    I’ve settled on olive in size 10s or 12s , but add 2 pairs of micro barred rubber legs in the upper 1/3 of the abdomen and like them cut long – almost tail length. Also a single 180 degree flaired deer hair collar, but fairly sparse, not too thick. I actually just hit up Upcountry for 2 new colors of micro pine squirrel.

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