Small Stream Color, or: A little something to get us through today’s gray

Snuck out for a couple hours the other day on Ye Olde Brook Trout Emporium. The catching was a bit on the slow side, but the fishing was tremendous. At last! Freedom!  I took them on the dry (size 16 Improved Sofa Pillow) and the wet (size 20 Snipe and Purple) dropper. Water was 56 degrees and medium low. Bugs everywhere: midges, some large dark un-IDed mayfly spinners (mahogany duns?), caddis, and my first confirmed sulphur sightings of 2017.

Sky of blue, sea of green. The canopy is filling in, and the wooded wetlands are in their glory. 



While I was disappointed in the number of fish that wanted to play, I did see more actively feeding char on this stream — especially in slower, deeper water — than ever before. Those that were coming up for the naturals were also quite willing to inspect my dry, even though it was substantially larger than what was hatching. This fellow pounced when the opportunity presented itself. You can see the beginnings of a kype.



Ray Bergman, you magnificent bastard, I read your book! This brookie was quietly sipping, forming delicate rise rings in some glassy water. I approached from upstream, made a long cast, and got him on the wet dropper by raising the rod tip and doing a hand-twist retrieve. By far the hardest hit of the day.


10 comments on “Small Stream Color, or: A little something to get us through today’s gray

  1. Brian Labowsky says:

    I always thought bookies are more beautiful than they need to be.

  2. Steve Douville says:

    Hi steve, hey I’m one of the CT GUYS you met on your steelhead weekend .

    Anyhow i love all your stories, have you ever fished Spot X. Years and years ago my wife and i hiked up and spent the night along the stream camping .

    Full of brookies.

    Steve Douville


    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Steve. Thanks for the intel that weekend — it was a trip saver.

      I think the single best thing we can do for brook trout preservation and conservation is to not name streams or locations, especially on the internet. It only takes one poacher to damage a stream. Hence my edit of your comment. (The answer is yes).

  3. William Kirousis says:

    Pure awesome Steve!

  4. Alan says:

    If it’s the stream I’m thinking of I will agree with you on how nicely it has recovered.
    The brookies seem to like those little Spiders.

  5. Robert Sendlein says:

    Steve, catching brookies is always fun! Thanks for your time sharing info with this great website.
    Did you recently watch PATTON or have you been waiting to use the Rommel quote from the movie?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Patton is an old favorite. The first time I stole that quote was many years ago on Block Island. I was practicing some of the traditional presentations and using the sparse designs of the esteemed Mr. Ken Abrames. Since I’d just read his book — A Perfect Fish — it seemed like the right thing to say.

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