Pre-storm small stream and thanks, EJTU

Busy day yesterday at currentseams. We started at 10:30am on a small stream. In terms of snow and ice, the northwest part of the state is very different from the central, particularly in the woods and the ravines carved out by small streams. I was truly surprised by the amount of white stuff.

Intricately laced ice shelves lined the edge of the stream. I took this photo first thing before I started fishing. As I was packing up the camera, I happened to look down into the shallow riffle you see here. Not six feet away, a good sized brookie was taking nymphs and emergers, maneuvering laterally in the current to pick off each tasty morsel. Wild trout are usually super-spooky, but obviously the feeding instinct overcame the flight reflex.



Water temp was low 30s, air temp 40s and climbing. That made for an ethereal sunlit fog effect. There were some decent sized (16-18) midges, and the trout were eager to feed despite the near-freezing water that was entering the system. I saw several brookies hanging out in sunlit shallows, where the water was no doubt warmer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The fishing was good, and surprisingly, so was the catching. (The cigar was swell, too, a Nat Sherman Explorer maduro gifted to me last month at the TVTU meeting.) I presented a size 16 Improved Sofa Pillow dry with a 2x short size 18 Frenchie variant dropped off the hook bend. I pricked a dozen or so and probably landed 2/3 of them. They were fairly split among the two flies. This one liked the nymph.



All good things must end. Or should I say, end one good thing, then begin another?  Off I went to New Jersey for my Farmington River presentation to the EJTU chapter. We had a sizable crowd, a good energy, and some excellent post-presentation questions. Thanks so much for having me.

And a final shout out to Zinburger. Spicy green chili fries, an El Diablo burger, and a yummy glass of zin made for a most excellent pre-game meal. We need a Zinburger in the Hartford area!

8 comments on “Pre-storm small stream and thanks, EJTU

  1. David Ader says:

    Hoping to schedule a trip with you when weather gets a bit better…April? Want to get on the calendar. Hope all is well. David

  2. joseph ganun says:

    A few years ago I was on a Brodhead tribtary and after a long effort picked a nice RB about 15″. I unhooked it a dropped it back into the creek and it settled about 4-5″ from my left boot, did not move. Puzzled I looked around to discover a large eagle on a branch behind me. Eagle eventually flew and and the trout moved off. Great moment, thinkik about it every time I see them but can’t hook them.

  3. cfishdarien says:

    great fly tying yesterday!

  4. Dick Sablitz says:

    Let me know if you try the flies I gave you and how you did with the. I find that the pattern works best in 16, 18, and 20…

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