Housy Mini-Report 12/8/16: Lots of water — action, not so much.

I missed my annual October/November Housy streamer trips this year, so I went yesterday. The HRO website declared that at 860cfs, it was a good time to fish big streamers on a full sink line. I concurred. Sadly, the trout did not. I fished five familiar, favorite pools and came up blank. Not a touch. Oh, I nicked the bottom many times, and sacrificed three streamers to the river gods, but ’twas not my day. Fast water, slower water, pocket water, shallow and deep — bright colors, muted naturals — fast retrieve, slow retrieve, no retrieve — nada. On the positive side, I had the entire river to myself, always a bonus. We’ll get ’em next time.

With both air and water temperatures in the 30s, this is sound advice.


2 comments on “Housy Mini-Report 12/8/16: Lots of water — action, not so much.

  1. Steve M. says:

    Heard unfounded rumors of a big fish kill in the C&R this summer due to low flows. Truth or fiction?

    • Steve Culton says:

      I don’t know. Given the flows and temperatures, it certainly isn’t out of the question. Surely some fish survived. And of course, the river was restocked this fall. I know of one group that went out in November within the TMA and had a terrific day catching trout.

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