Discover “Sunken Treasures” in the current issue of Field & Stream

“Sunken Treasures” is my first piece for Field & Stream, and you can read it in the August 2016 issue. The article is a wet fly primer that is based on my “Wet Flies 101” class and presentation. For those interested in learning the ways of the wet fly, this is a good starting point. And it goes without saying that I’m grateful for your readership, both in print and here on the site. Here’s a link to the online version of the article.

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The cover.


And the title page. I tied many of the flies pictured.



9 comments on “Discover “Sunken Treasures” in the current issue of Field & Stream

  1. Alton Blodgett says:

    Way to go Steve! Congratulations.

  2. Steve says:

    Nice! My Field & Stream was sitting on my coffee table for a couple weeks. Finallyopened it to the ‘trout article’ and thought I recognizedthe authors name from Upcountry or somewhere. Very cool.

    Steve S.

  3. Doug Defanti says:

    Hi Steve,
    Your article ” Sunken treasures” Is a wealth of information and I keep mining it and Highlighting key points. Soon the entire article will be in Flourescent. Yellow.
    I also really enyoy your website.
    If you recall I tied up some of the Pale watery wingless for our Upper Dela trip and had excellent success during the sulphur hatch. I tried tying up Pat Torrey.s tiny BWO but they are too much of a challenge for my thumb fingered hands. So If you can direct me to where i can purchase some I would appreciate it.
    Finally, I’ve been looking for tying instructions for the old English soft hackle called the Smut no. 1, but cannot find anything about it.Do you have a picture and instructions for the Smut no. 1 ?
    If the Smut no. 1 ( I love that name) works half as good as the Pale watery wingless I gotta try to tie some.
    Thanks Again
    Doug D.
    p.s. my new email has changed slightly from my old one

    • Steve Culton says:


      The Smut No. 1 is a very simple tie: black wool body (use a single strand from a multi-ply or use UNI wool) and a white or cream hen hackle. Size 20-26. Small and sparse! I like to dust it with Frog’s Fanny and fish it like a dry. And thanks for your kind words.

      • Doug DeFanti says:

        Thanks Steve, sorry for the delay but I was at deer camp chasing whitetails. Should have brought the fly rod. One more have any history on the smut no. 1 ? Such as originator

      • Steve Culton says:

        My goodness, no. It’s an old English pattern, named for smutting trout (trout sipping something tiny). I pulled it out of Sylvester Nemes’ Tiny Soft Hackles book.

      • Doug DeFanti says:

        Thanks again. That helps a lot. I have one of his books on soft hackles but I don’t think I have that one .

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