A follow-up to the 6/21 Farmy report

On the way home from the river, I stopped by my friend Sal’s place (Legends, a gorgeous B&B/lodge on the banks of the river — see the icon/link in the right hand column). Sal was fishing Greenwoods (right outside his back door) that evening and reported finding ants in the water. When he tied on an ant pattern, his hookup rate shot skyward.

Don Butler wrote, “ants is good food.” Sal’s experience is a reminder that it’s that time of year. Once we near fall, look for wet/humid days to produce swarms of flying ants, too.

One of my favorite summer wets is the Drowned Ant.

Drowned Ant head-on

9 comments on “A follow-up to the 6/21 Farmy report

  1. Mina says:

    I was fishing next to Sal that night, my ants didn’t get any hook ups, but he did well with them. I did really well with the Magic Fly and spinners which took a 20″ brown. I love fishing between 7:00-9:30, the fish rise with confidence.

  2. Mina says:

    Thanks for showing it to us! The fish enjoy it very much.

  3. jack baier says:

    Any chance you could throw up a video for a newbie flytyer for the drowned ant?

  4. salvatore tartaglione says:

    Sorry for late respond this is awesome!!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone

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