No stripers. Nonetheless, a Good Friday.

Good Friday means it’s time for the traditional, annual currentseams striped basstravaganza. Simon Peter was, after all, a big fisherman. Absent any finned cooperation, one still has the comfort of reacquainting with Ye Olde Striper Emporium. Rust is scraped off the two-handed casting form. And if there’s an EP Carrillo Golossus sending plumes of savory smoke across the water, so much the better.

So, I fished for 90 minutes without a touch. It was a little early in the tide, but in the last half hour I was able to reach the edges of what was a very nice seam along the main current. Water was lightly stained and 47 degrees. Mostly overcast, and only the slightest of breezes. Three other anglers. We all blanked.

Hopefully, this year will be better than last.


7 comments on “No stripers. Nonetheless, a Good Friday.

  1. Ray Hamilton says:

    Steve, sorry you didn’t have a take. However, thanks for the information. Nice to hear from such a talented Fisherperson.

  2. Ron price says:

    Steve, where are you chasing stripers this time of year.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Ron,

      One of the fundamental principles of my fishing reports is that good or bad, I don’t get into location specifics.

      There are several reasons for this, among them:
      — If the report is good, and I reveal the location on the internet, I’ve just told the entire world where I caught all those fish.
      — Some spots I fish are relatively undiscovered and I’d like to keep them that way.
      — Others I found through research or exploring or taking the time to hike a mile down that trail to see what’s at the end, and I’m not going to give away the keys to the kingdom for nothing.
      — I don’t want to turn people into report chasers.
      — I’m old fashioned.

      So, my apologies.

      I can tell you this: it is an estuary where stripers are known to winter over, and it is no big secret.

      • Ron says:

        Steve, I would never expect you to give exact locations and I would never give mine. I was hoping for the general location as you gave. I’m not from your area although I travel to Connecticut as we have relatives there and have considered doing some fishing. I’m relatively new to striper fishing in salt or brackish water. I do swing streamers for stripers in the Delaware River, without a lot of success I might add. I also am a two-hander for both trout and stripers.

      • Steve Culton says:

        No worries, Ron.

        As you might imagine, I get a lot of “Where were you fishing?” questions. It is sometimes difficult to determine people’s intentions over the internet.

        CT has three major river systems that hold winter striper populations. There are, of course, other fragmented populations here and there.

  3. Alton Blodgett says:

    At least you scraped off the rust. And a day outside with a good cigar is always a good day.

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