CT hatcheries funding update

The Governor’s obtuse, short-sighted recommendation that funding for Connecticut’s hatcheries be eliminated met with a stalemate. A special session of the legislature has been called for Tuesday, December 8. If you have not done so already, please contact the Governor’s office and your representative to voice your opinion. A link with more information from the CT River Salmon Association and ways to contact the Governor and legislators can be found here.

Also, here is a pdf from the Fisheries Advisory Council with supporting information: CostofCuttingHatcheries1.

Make your voice heard!

No hatcheries, no Farmington River Survivor Strain.

Big Survivor Strain brown hen

8 comments on “CT hatcheries funding update

  1. TCHROSNIAK@comcast.net says:

    Thanks for the mention Steve. Tom  

  2. Alton Blodgett says:

    Steve, The hot links to contact the legislators and governor did not come through. Alton

  3. david bennett says:

    Thx. for the update. I have posted my comments via your suggested link, and have gotten several others to voice their objection to the closings. Mind boggling (but certainly not surprising)to see the short sighted views of the decision making legislature. I can think of a number of quick and easy solutions, the easiest of which may be to increase ever so slightly the basis for establishing the annual license fee.

  4. Steve M. says:

    As a non-resident angler I dropped some considerable change in 2015 fishing the Farmington. I used the links to contact the Gov and local legislators pointing out my fiscal impact to the economy. Hope all the readers do the same.

  5. david machowski says:

    At my football banquet yesterday I had the chance to grab my local rep from the 105 district ms Conroy. She gave me 5 min and I took 10 . They seem to know the numbers and how foolish it is. She ended with I think they’ll be OK. But how many times has a politician said that.

  6. pvarkala@hotmail.com says:

    Thanks for pushing this issue. I signed the first petition you posted through change.org and got several other people to sign as well. I sent a well written concise and cogent letter to Governor Malloy through the link you posted, touching on points both empirical as well as philosophical. Thanks for providing the information and links. Hopefully with enough support we can shut this proposal down before too much longer.

  7. salvatore tartaglione says:

    Any update on the special session?

    Sent from my iPhone

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