No Fish Today

Every year is different, and this (April 16) is the latest I’ve ever gone into a year without catching a striper since I started fishing for them. The only question now is: when?

I thought the fly looked tasty enough. But you can’t catch what isn’t there. Not to worry. Instant expertdom is right around the corner.


4 comments on “No Fish Today

  1. David machowski says:

    It”s been slow upriver on the housy also. Still to far out of range for the fly rod.Hopeing rumors of herring down river will move them out of the deeper holes.

  2. tidewaterfly says:

    There’s starting to be reports of Shad being caught in the rivers here in MD, and that often means herring as well. Been some strange weather this year for certain, but hopefully you’ll be seeing some Stripers up your way soon!

  3. Steve Douville says:


    Just did two days steelhead fishing with same Results, never ever before did not see a single Steelhead landed in two days?

    Any how plan to start salt this year , care to share a few fav patterns?

    Steve Douville Andover Ct

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  4. Steve Culton says:

    Hi Steve,

    Well, that’s steelheading (ask me how I know).

    Striper patterns: I generally like to fish flies that match the bait that is in, or likely to be in the water. So, for big herring or bunker, I would go with a large flatwing. For sand eels over 3″, a Big Eelie. Silversides, Ray’s Fly. Mullet, the September Night. Clam worms, an Orange Ruthless. Anchovies, the RLS Inconspicuous. There are also many generic baitfish patterns I like, such as the L&L Special, Bondorew Bucktail, Yellow Rebel, Rhody Flatwing, and those soft-hackle/flatwings I just posted. It’s hard to go wrong with generic patterns 2″-5″ for spring school bass, which tend to be notoriously un-picky.

    It is noteworthy that precious few of what I just named can be found in a fly shop. I like to fish flies that other people don’t, and the unavailability of such flies is one reason I got into fly tying. You can find many of the patterns I’ve listed here on this site, or by doing an internet search.

    Good luck, and I hope this helps.


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