Cheeseburger in wet fly paradise

There’s one sure way to get this presenter in a good mood, and that’s to offer to take him out to dinner before the engagement. And so it was that I found myself last night with several members of the Farmington Valley TU Chapter at the Whinstone Tavern in New Britain, CT, with a lovely medium-rare burger, crisp, tasty fries, crunchy deli pickle slice, and a moderately-hopped IPA. Wonderful!

And so, thank you. Thank you for feeding me. Thank you for being so welcoming. Thank you for finding that most excellent venue. Thank you for your technical support. And thank you for providing me with such a rapt, curious audience. I counted about fifty people. A decent crowned is always a positive.

Overheard last night: “That was the best presentation we’ve ever had.” Such kind words. Speaking of presentation, the trout below took this Magic Fly — fished wet — on a dead drift at the edge of a plunge pool current seam.

Brown PWWwet

3 comments on “Cheeseburger in wet fly paradise

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Steve, I think you’ve “made your mark”! God bless you!
    Jim Smith – Preston, Connecticut

  2. Scott Orazem says:

    After watching you work the vise at CA last Saturday, I determined to make the one hour drive to New Britain for last nights Wet Fly presentation. It was well worth the effort. Thank you for a very informative show on this technique. Scott Orazem – Westport ,CT

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