Speak up about Kensington Hatchery funding

I was forwarded this a few minutes ago. These are the words of Bruce J. Rich, President, CT Fly Fisherman’s Association:

“The deadline for submitting testimony regarding the Public Hearing on DEEP’s budget is Monday March 2, 2015.  Note that “testimony” does not mean you wish to speak.  Testimony can be in written form only and sent via email to (SC’s words: please cut and paste this email address: apptestimony@cga.ct.gov).  
In the Subject Line write: Testimony to Appropriations Comm. for the March 2, 2015 Public Hearing on Hatchery Funding
Note that the committee prefers to receive email testimony as an attachment to the email, preferably in pdf form (although MS Word form should suffice). 
Attached is my updated testimony in pdf form which you may use all, or part of, in your message.  Just be sure to replace my name & address with your own.  Note that your message can be very short, but it’s important at this time to get as many people as possible writing to support keeping Kensington Hatchery operational. 
Don’t squawk later, get busy now.”
Here is Bruce’s letter in pdf form: Testimony submitted to March 2
“My great, great grandaddy came from the Kensington Hatchery.”
Streamer Brown 1:15

2 comments on “Speak up about Kensington Hatchery funding

  1. Alton Blodgett says:


    Please inform all that would write to type the address in their email as: apptestimony@cga.ct.gov

    If they copy and paste it from the notice it becomes modified and the email will return to the sender as undeliverable.


  2. James Smith says:

    Steve, DAMN!! I just read Alton’s commentary above and now realize that my action on this issue has been wasted! I wonder how many other bloggers have made the same error? I am debating if I should wait for my remarks to get bounced back at me before making another attempt. Not only that but I forwarded your original post to just everybody I know who might have an interest in this situation. I suspect they too will do the same thing I did originally. Can’t win for trying! Jim Smith – Preston, Connecticut.

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