Thanks to the FRAA for hosting me

You’re never sure how a new fly fishing presentation will play out, but the feedback is in and the final tally is, “The Little Things” does not suck.

Many thanks to the FRAA for hosting me. There were a lot of familiar faces, and it’s always nice to not be the youngest person in the room. And thanks for so many post-presentaion questions. Speakers like lots of questions. Except maybe if you’re President Nixon during a Watergate-era press conference.

“The Little Things” matter in fly fishing. I caught this brown this summer in the shallows just a few feet off the bank as darkness fell.

Dry Brown 7:14

2 comments on “Thanks to the FRAA for hosting me

  1. says:

    Steve great time and learned a lot. Great way to enjoy cold winter night. I had a question but didn’t want to bother you at the meeting. I am not strong on streamer fishing and wondered if you some tips ie: weight /sinking line. I’m not consistent and I know I’m screwing it up. Thanks

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