Where stripers come from

Just returned from a family reunion along the shores of the world’s greatest striped bass nursery, the Chesapeake Bay. I didn’t fish, but visiting the Chesapeake always makes me wonder how many of the stripers I’ve caught began their lives here.

If you’re an old Block Island hand, you know Ballard’s is lobster. Welcome to Ballard’s mid-Atlantic cousin, The Crab Claw. They cover your table with heavy paper, then pile your steamed seasoned crabs in front of you along with a wooden mallet and a roll of paper towels. I also had some oysters on the half shell and this apropos of everything ale.



When he’s not catching fish, he’s piloting the boat. Cam at the helm of the Promotion, under the guidance of Rear Admiral George Ellis (Ret.), Annapolis Class of 1945, known to us simply as Uncle George.






4 comments on “Where stripers come from

  1. john kovach says:

    Steve, Interested in coming on Yankee Fisherman this week to talk summer and fall fishing? We’re moving to 1-2 Thursdays. We can do another week if that works better. John Kovach

  2. tidewaterfly says:

    Steve, you were in my neck of the woods (or waters!) Lot of traditions in your report! Naval, the Academy, and local culinary! Good stuff! Thanks again for sharing!

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