Night Tides

And so we mark the official beginning of the year’s Zero-Dark-Thirty adventures. We kicked off 2014 with something a little different; instead of our usual haunts, we rolled the dice at a new location and were rewarded with fairly consistent action. Most of the fish were in the 20″ class, but there were a few that stretched the tape to 24″. And one big momma.

Dr. Griswold with the best fish of the night, first cast into a new hole. I have yet to put a fish on the reel this year. Soon, Steven. Soon.


4 comments on “Night Tides

  1. Jim Smith (Preston, CT) says:

    Steve, that’s some photo. A couple of guys told me the Salmon is fishing really well and the State has put some real nice fish in there through out.

  2. Steve Culton says:

    Not our biggest bass ever, but fair enough. 🙂

  3. Frank Doherty says:

    I’m new to the area (from WA). Live in Norwalk. Been to the Salmon for Steelhead. Are you fishing Stripers fresh or salt?

    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi Frank,

      Welcome to CT. It is a state that offers a rich variety of striper locales. I fish for stripers in saltwater, freshwater, and the brackish stuff in between.

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