A good night to give a wet fly presentation

Had enough rain yet? I can only imagine what your favorite trout stream looks like. One of those neither man nor beast nights, so I was astonished to see such an impressive turnout at the Thames Valley Chapter of TU meeting. “Wet Flies 101” was the topic. I can’t say enough good things about this group: we had projector difficulties, hardware interface problems — just about anything that could go wrong, did. That is, until several chapter members pitched in and pulled it all together for me. My hat is off to you. Thank you for having me, thank you for helping me, and thank you for being such an attentive and curious audience.

It was also nice to see so many familiar faces. You know who you are.

We could use a little sunshine breaking through the mists.





5 comments on “A good night to give a wet fly presentation

  1. John Jascot says:

    Steve – I’ve never seen as many members present for a membership meeting. Your infectious enthusiasm and great media made all the difference. I expect I bump into you again in broken water else in location X.

  2. Jim Smith (Preston, CT) says:

    Steve, Good to see you again. Obviously, you DID bring your “A” Game! Your program was very well received. Good show!

  3. Ernie Ludwig VP Naugatuck/Pomperaug TU Chapter says:

    Hello Steve,
    Thanks for the knowledge you shared with our group –best turn out ever. Can’t wait to try the techniques.
    Thanks again and we will see you in October

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