One is the loneliest number (but it beats the tar out of zero).

Nymphed the Farmington River today from 11:30am to 1pm. Water in the upper TMA was an average height, clear, and 34 degrees. It was a slow day for most of the anglers I spoke with. Saw very little evidence of hatch activity (save for a solitary charcoal grey midge). I managed a fine holdover brown, but even that was by accident; I was moving a few steps downstream to a new position when the indicator went under. And there he was on my size 18 BH soft-hackle pheasant tail.

Someone’s been eating this winter. I like the bead peeking out of the corner of the mouth, hook right where it’s supposed to be. Note the odd indentation on the upper flank, just below the dorsal. There was no sign of a wound, and the fish appeared to be healthy.


I headed upstream to try some different water, but had no takers on my cased caddis or PT. Of course, there was that double-hooked stick, but since those are out of season I had to let it go. Most regrettable.

Switched over to streamers in some deeper water with an integrated full sink head. The past couple winters I’ve been trying to fish streamers more than I usually do, and today I was trying out a prototype cone head white bunny flashy thing. Nothing, nothing, nothing, THUD! It was a good fish that ran deep, then suddenly decided not to play. I knew he wasn’t coming back, but I gave the pool a few more casts before duties elsewhere called. Off the water at 2:10pm.

But, Mr. Slob Trout, I know where you live. And I’m coming back tomorrow.

7 comments on “One is the loneliest number (but it beats the tar out of zero).

  1. deankeister says:

    Nice fish. The only thing better than skill is dumb luck!

  2. John Jascot says:

    Heading up there tomorrow. Location D worked on Sat. Maybe dumb luck (3 times). Dumb Luck is always a plus.

  3. John Jascot says:

    Forgot – there were a few fish acting on caddis in the upper TMA on Sat. See what happens tomorrow

  4. Dave Studeman says:

    Pretty Fish! One of the biggest browns I ever caught happened while dragging a nymph behind the boat, thinking about the next hole. Dumb luck make us all better fisher folk!

  5. Steve Culton says:

    Thanks, guys. Always better to be lucky than good.

  6. Ray says:

    Enjoyed meeting you at the TU meeting. You have a great website. I want to fish with you one of the days April 22-24 if the Hendrickson hatch is going then. Let me know if you have a half day or afternoon on one of those days. Ray

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