Thanks TU225 for hosting me

Many thanks to the Narragansett TU Chapter for being such gracious, welcoming hosts. I think that was my biggest crowd to date. It’s always gratifying to be able to talk and teach at the grassroots level. Thanks also to everyone for the follow-up emails.


4 comments on “Thanks TU225 for hosting me

  1. Jim Smith says:

    ‘Lo, Steve: I’m glad I made the trip over to the Narragansett TU Chapter meeting last night. I got to meet you and learn some more about wet flies and fishing the Farmington. I thought your presentation went over very well. The Rhode Island guys are good people and no nonsense fishermen and I do believe you captured their undivided attention. I really liked the graphics and film clips of the typical wet fly water you tell us to be on the lookout for. You’ve caught some beautiful Browns with your methods. Some very nice work, indeed. Thanks and take care.

  2. Thank you very much, Steve, for a very informative and entertaining Wet Fly 101 presentation last night. Your presentation attracted a good number of our members, from very experienced to beginners, and everyone one of them that I chatted with after your talk learned something new, and was interested in trying the techniques and flies you introduced them to. So again, thank you very much, and we look forward to having you join us again sometime in the future.

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