Young-of-year brook trout

I was bushwhacking past a bathtub-sized pool deep in the northeast woods when I saw dozens of dark forms scatter. So I sat at the water’s edge for a few minutes. Then stuck the camera underwater and started rolling. This is a good-sized school of young-of-year Salvelinus fontinalis — the eastern brook trout. Class of 2013. Can’t wait for them to put on a few ounces. Stay strong through the winter, my little friends!

5 comments on “Young-of-year brook trout

  1. Amazing to see how at that young age, they hold “on station”! Great footage! What camera are you using. The little waterproof Nikon?


    • Steve Culton says:

      Hi John,

      I took some more underwater shots that will — if you’ll pardon the expression — surface at some point.

      The footage was taken with a Canon Powershot D20. I’m new to the Vimeo/video thing. I need to re-upload a higher def version. This one is way grainier than the original.

  2. metiefly says:

    Pristine water and a healthy population! Hats off to everyone for helping maintain such a clean and healthy environment for them to grow up in – metiefly

  3. Steve Culton says:

    This water benefits from being far away from where people can easily wreck it.

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