“Wet Fly 101” at the October FRAA meeting

I’ll be the featured speaker at the Farmington River Anglers Association meeting, Wednesday, October 16, 7pm in Unionville, CT. My presentation will be Wet Fly 101, a basic overview of wet flies and wet fly fishing. Wet flies have been taking trout for centuries, and the fish haven’t gotten any smarter. If you can’t make the September Hammonasset presentation, hope to see you at this one. You can learn more about the FRAA at their website, fraa.org. As always, If you’re interested in having me speak at your club meetings, you can contact me through this site.

 A Hackled March Brown


And a big Farmington brown who found it to her liking.


2 comments on ““Wet Fly 101” at the October FRAA meeting

  1. fsutroutbum says:

    I enjoy the advice you offer. I have fly fished for years but every spring I take out my old tattered book on fundamentals and read it and pause and reflect on the past year. Why? Sometimes I can get in a rut and need to go back to the basics and think about things.

    • Steve Culton says:

      I teach and write, and yet every time I go out — this is not an empty platitude — I learn something new. We all put our waders on one leg at a time. The basics are always there, right in front of us.

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