The Daily Double: Farmington River trout and LIS stripers

No Hendricksons Monday on the Lower TMA of the Farmington River. At least not in the two spots I fished. It could have been the cool, overcast day (there were small olives). Or, perhaps things are simply winding down. One of the nice things about the Farmington is that the hatches move upstream; two friends that fished Monday just below the upper TMA reported good Hendrickson action. I swung a team of wets (Squirrel & Ginger caddis on top of two Dark Hendricksons) and 2/3 of the fish I caught took the caddis.

Back to work and family responsibilities for the afternoon and early evening. Then off to find some stripers at night with Dr. Griswold. There were some signs of herring, and while there were no bangs and pops on the surface, we did find some hungry fish. Bob brought his two-hander, and I went with the five-weight. We didn’t get anything super big, but there were some legal sized fish in the mix. I fished my Rock Island flatwing, which the bass again found to their liking.

Dr. Griswold with a nice 31-incher on the two-hander. Smile, Bob.


Can’t let Bob have all the fun. A nice keeper bass on the five-weight for me.


3 comments on “The Daily Double: Farmington River trout and LIS stripers

  1. Long says:

    Sweet, good looking stripers!

  2. Phil says:

    You Da Man Steve, wrangling those stripers in on a 5wt.

  3. Steve Culton says:

    Thanks, guys. Phil, catching stripers on the five-weight is not nearly as difficult as it looks. Anyone can do it. And, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

    Of course, it helps to have the right five-weight. In this case, it’s a TFO TiCr, which is beautiful beast of a rod. Very fast action with a good, stiff butt for playing the fish.

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