Peepers. But sadly, no stripers.

I usually fish for stripers twelve month a year, but somehow January and February escaped me in 2013. March nearly got away, too. But I took care of that last night.

Met old fishing buddy Dr. Griswold to catch the bottom of the tide at one of our old haunts. The conditions were certainly favorable. A strong moon tide, good water level, and a water temp of 46. But alas, no stripers for either of us. I swung. I greased lined. I nymphed. I stripped. I jigged. I fished deep, on top, and all points in between. But, you can’t catch what isn’t there.

On a positive note, Bob didn’t lose his Christmas gift. Every year I tie some flatwings for friends as a present, and every year Bob loses his fly on the bottom or in a tree within the first five minutes of fishing it. Not last night. Well done, Bobber.

What Santa brought this year: the Rock Island flatwing


I was also able to coax ninety minutes out of an E.P. Carillo Golossos while on the water. Terrific cigar.

And when I got home, the choir was singing. Spring peepers. Their first performance signals that the over-wintering bass in my local rivers are getting ready to move.

Not tonight. But soon.

8 comments on “Peepers. But sadly, no stripers.

  1. stevegalea6953 says:

    Ah, spring peepers. When we hear them in these parts you can be sure that the ice and snow has left us.

  2. Kelly L says:

    Stunning looking flies. 🙂

  3. Pat Brennan says:

    Very nice Steve.

  4. Charlie G. says:

    A fish would be the icing on the cake Steve, but being on the water with a good friend and a good cigar is enough to make it all worth it. that always works for me.

  5. Dave Studeman says:

    Hi Steve,

    Still tying up flatwings. I know you prefer the Eagle Claw 253. Do you have a preference between the L253 and the regular 253? One of these days I will get up my nerve to send you some photos.

    Thanks again, always learn something from your posts along with some entertainment!

    • Steve Culton says:


      I love the 253 for flatwings — but it’s a love-hate relationship. I love the shape and design of the hook, but to be fair, many of the hooks in a 100 count box need the assistance of a file to get them up to sharpness snuff. The L — L standing for “laser” — hooks are the same, where in some bizarre universe, laser sharp means “not sharp enough to stick in your nail.” Again, a mill file remedies the problem.

      I’ve had double-digit pounds fish start to bend out 1/0 hooks, so now I tie mostly with 3/0s.

      Thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad you enjoy currentseams.

      • Dave Studeman says:

        Thanks for the insights. I will keep using them and keep my file at the ready.

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