13 comments on “The seal has been broken

  1. Alan says:

    Great shot.
    Can you tell me the stream?

    Brk Trt

  2. Looks like you made it, Steve…
    I?m adding yo to my Favorites list.

    John Kelsey

  3. Pete Simoni says:

    Nice Steve! great job

  4. Jack Denny says:

    Just invited to the site and it is a great beginning, good luck, break a leg, no bananas on the boat and thumbs up.

  5. Charlie Glotfelty says:

    Good luck with the site Steve. This is my first time here and loved the Striper Fly Tying area. I hope there is more to come.

  6. Stan Otlowski says:

    Quite a nice looking site Steve, I’ll be on the lookout for the first steelhead posting.
    Tight Lines…….Stan

  7. Steve Culton says:

    Yup, it’ll happen. Gonna be trying some classic steelhead wets/streamers in the next month or so.

  8. metiefly says:

    It worked brilliantly – you have a fantastic site. Keep up the excellent work you do – please!

  9. David Lee says:

    “God , I hope this works” ?

    It’s the Fall of 2021 , and those needing patterns/info about this kind of fishing and these slightly esoteric flies are here , and learning . I’d say you succeeded !! As you are a good Writer , I’d guess the next step would be a book . Even an E-book would be welcome and valuable .

    Thanks for all that you share , and here’s to another 8 years !!

    • Steve Culton says:

      Well, gosh, wow! Thanks so much for this comment. It was a day-maker for sure. I keep rummaging around my brain for book ideas and there are plenty. The trick is to actually sit and do the work. Or commit to sitting and doing the work. Please keep bugging me until I do.

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