Thank you Tuesday Night Currentseams Zoomers and welcome new subscribers

Another fun Tuesday Night Currentseams Zoom last night! In case you missed it, we talked about winter fly fishing, from gearing up to dressing to when, where, and how. There will be more of these public Zooms throughout the winter. Thanks to the 50+ attendees for hanging out with me for an hour.

I’ve also seen a spike in Currentseams subscribers since the holidays and I’d like to say welcome. I appreciate your readership, and going forward I’ll try to provide you with far better fly fishing content than today’s material. But this is a writing day, and so I must take fingers to keyboard lest my editor jump ugly upon my personage. And with that, off I go.

Warning: Fly Fishing Writer At Work.

6 comments on “Thank you Tuesday Night Currentseams Zoomers and welcome new subscribers

  1. larry marino says:

    Steve awesome show last night just need name of watch cap you had on in video thanks

  2. Bob Dibble says:

    If we could back up to the prior zoom, I think I heard you say, regarding the wiggly “move the legs not the body”. I can’t get my head around your technique, as Harry Doyle would say, “juuuusssst a bit outside”. Excellent job on the zooms

    • Steve Culton says:

      It’s a zen thing…kind of like “what is the sound of one hand clapping?”

      The intent is to try to not move the bug when you’re making mends, and to fish it static dead drift (no stripping). Of course, you can fish it any Ol’ Mr. Way You Like. šŸ™‚

  3. Bob Dibble says:

    …….then subject and object are no longer separate and distinct…..I think you’re onto something here. In a watershed moment I’ve decided for this coming year to approach my fly fishing in a Zen and Koan like manner instead of focusing on the usual shenanigans and funny business.

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