Found on the Housatonic: One Spiffy Landing Net

Someone lost a landing net on the upper Housatonic, and I have it. It’s a nice net, but it’s been in the water for sometime (it was mostly submerged). Describe its general size, frame shape/material/color, and net material/color and we’ll arrange a reunion.

Also found on the Hous.




7 comments on “Found on the Housatonic: One Spiffy Landing Net

  1. Do you use a headlamp when fishing at night and does it have a red LED for saving your night vision. What brand and model if you do.

    • Steve Culton says:

      Absolutely to the headlamp. I have a cheapo Energizer dual light spectrum (red and 3 white/blue intensity settings) I bought at Walmart eons ago. The red light is essential equipment. You could certainly get something fancier/more powerful if you like.

  2. david says:

    Was disappointed with the white hatch this season-was it as good as other years?

    • Steve Culton says:

      My experience this year was that the hatch itself was off-the-charts-good; one night when I was out, it may have been the best I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, the smallmouth numbers and size are down across the board this year (especially numbers) and on that epic hatch night I was fishing to very few rising fish. 😦

  3. Bob Dibble says:

    I lost my 2020 small mouth net in that area a week ago. It’s 8″x8″ square, a 6″ deep bag and a wound wire handle. I’ve been distraught ever since I lost it, fit the bill perfectly for the size of the bass this year. Hopefully it matches the one you found, it’s inscribed “R.P. McMurphy”.

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