Housy Smallmouth Report: And then there were none

That inflammatory title doesn’t refer to the fish — plenty of Micropterus dolomieu to go around — but rather to the number of big, classic Connecticut fly fishing rivers currently with flows in the triple digits of cfs.

While neither extreme is preferable, I really don’t enjoy fishing in low water. Like the Farmington, the Hous (96cfs, 75 degrees) is rapidly becoming a featureless rock garden. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Hermine is going to give us even a temporary respite (I understand that going back to 2015, our state is at a 14-inch rain deficit). And so we carry on.

But enough of the negative waves.

Yesterday was a good day for a little father-sons wet-wading fly fishing for smallies expedition. Here are a few shots from Dad’s brag book.

Cam’s on! Cam says: “These things fight like little steelhead.”



Gordo’s on! Gordo says: “Why do they keep jumping out of the water?” This smallie gave us two spectacular aerials.



Today’s special: Crayfish. Half-off.




4 comments on “Housy Smallmouth Report: And then there were none

  1. plsullivan62 says:

    I explored a part of the upper TMA that would be very difficult to wade at, say, 400 cfs yesterday. Got a couple of decent smallies on the ever-reliable brown wooly bugger and a couple more on a foam hopper. It was fun in a “let’s make the best of it” way.

  2. Bill says:

    Did you specifically hunt for smbass or was it catch as catch can?

    • Steve Culton says:

      It was a dedicated smallie trip. Of course, with water that low and warm, and us nowhere near thermal refuges, it would have been foolish for us to have been targeting trout. 🙂

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