Late November Stripers

Make that singular, for one bass was all I could manage. But it was, as someone once wrote, a perfect fish. Twenty-inch class, dime bright from the sea, with sharply contrasting lines and the attentive eyes of a predator on the hunt. Taken on the third cast. A sharp tug on the retrieve, then some willful bullrushing against the substantial moon tide.

I only fished for an hour (switch rod in two-hand mode, full integrated sink tip line, three-foot leader of 20# nylon) but that too was perfect: air temperatures in the mid-fifties, winds from the southwest, bottom half of the drop.

Both sky and angler were positively glowing on the walk back.

Today’s fly was a pink, olive, and chartreuse soft-hackled flatwing, just about sparse enough to read a newspaper though.

Sparse SHFlatwing


4 comments on “Late November Stripers

  1. Joel says:

    that fly is beautiful…. that thing just whispers “presentation,…its all about presentation”…love it. Glad I got that article you did about soft hackles in American Angler- not sure if I will get another chance to put those flies to use this year, but definitely looking forward to next. Thanks Steve, -Joel.

  2. Georges says:

    Steve that is a beautiful impressionist fly. the flat hackles are not visible in the photo. are they there?

    • Steve Culton says:


      It is a single pale pink saddle and you’re right, it’s tough to see in the photo. I believe it is under the words “just our other cabin.” Thanks so much for your kind words.

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