Striper Report: Walkin’ after midnight. Searchin’ for you.

I started on Monday and finished Tuesday. No moonlight or starlight. Rather, one of those misty, showery nights where the atmosphere is so dense it seems you could wrap your fingers around it and grab a handful. Mysterious. Striper. Weather. The five-weight with the new Rio Outbound line and a seductive 9″ Rock Island flatwing fresh off the bench, ready to swim. Hours of greased line swings. Rhythmic mending. The rise and fall of the fly in the current on the dangle. Short pulsing strips on the retrieve. Water haul, tip flexed, the line coils shooting from the basket through the guides. Ears cocked, listening intently in the dank as best you can for the sounds of a swirl or the pop of an open mouth. Nothing. Still, nothing. And more nothing. Just you, the rod, the fly, and your thoughts.

You may ask why I keep doing this when the repetitive result is neither fish nor hits. Because this could be the night I get my first 25-pounder on the five weight. Because the next cast might be the drift over a striper holding in ambush. Because you can’t catch striped bass while you’re asleep in your bed. Because I’m fortunate enough to be able to set my own schedule, and people like you send me comments and emails telling me that when you can’t go fishing, you enjoy reading about when I can.

Most of all, I do it because I love it.

I left home almost five hours ago. I fished hard and I fished well, so I fell asleep as content as an angler could be after a skunking.


7 comments on “Striper Report: Walkin’ after midnight. Searchin’ for you.

  1. Steve Van Metre says:

    Nice read !! And I feel ya!

  2. tidewaterfly says:

    Nice Patsy Cline reference!

    Flies that aren’t in the water won’t catch fish.
    Keep at it, you know it’ll happen eventually!

    And, yes, I’m living vicariously through your many fishing adventures, so thanks!

  3. Jack swegel says:

    Sounds like many of my outings – no fish But I was out there – enjoying the air and the casting practice.

    • Steve Culton says:

      I don’t mind putting in my time for the chance at a big one…but so far I’ve seen no evidence that that is a probability. We shall see. The generally persistent generally make out. Positive waves and all that.

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