Your official Get Your 2016 CT Fishing License reminder

I used to be so good about getting next year’s license the last week of December. Not so much in recent years. So, here’s a reminder for all of us. Talk about money well spent — a fishing license remains a tremendous value in Connecticut. Now, if we could only get the pols to stop futzing with the hatcheries…

Support your local trout.




January appearances and classes

Lots going on this winter, and I hope to see you during my travels. Also, thanks to everyone who joined the follow list over the holidays. I’m grateful for your support. If you’re new (or fairly new) please say hello in the comments section below. Tell me a little about yourself, what you like to fish for, how you like to fish, etc. I will of course be doing another fly package giveaway once we hit 400 followers. Onward and upward!

We kick off the 2016 appearances calendar in New Jersey. I’ll be presenting “The Little Things” to the Coastal Flyrodders on Tuesday, January 19, at Larkin House, 380 Godwin Ave, Wyckoff, NJ, at 7:30PM. Their mission statement says their primary goal is to have fun. My kind of group. For directions and details, visit

Next up is the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough, MA. I will be appearing at the Destination Theater on Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23 and presenting “Wet Flies 101.” This is one of my more popular presentations, and as the title suggests, it serves as a wet fly primer. Presentation times are as follows: Friday, January 22, 2:00pm, Destination Theater Room A. Saturday, January 23, 10:00am, Destination Theater Room A. The show takes place at the Royal Plaza Trade Center in Marlborough. For more information, visit

As Mister Sullivan might say, it’s a really big shew.



We close out the month with “Wet Flies and Fuzzy Nymphs for the Farmington” on Saturday 1/30 at UpCountry Sportfishing. This is a fly tying class, but you cannot sign up for it until they post it on their website.  Last year’s class sold out in no time flat, so keep your eyes peeled on the UpCountry site.

More, more, more: I’ll be tying at the CFFA Show Saturday, February 6, at the Compleat Angler on Saturday, March 5, and at the CFFA Tyers’ Roundtable in April. Stay tuned to your favorite fly fishing magazines, as the word machine has been humming along. Plus fly tying videos, Currentseams Q&A (thanks for all the terrific suggestions) and of course, fishing reports.



The Last Blast of 2015

Any year that I get to fish over a hundred days is by definition a good one. So be it with 2015.

There are far worse ways to close out a fishing season than by walking a small stream, alone with your thoughts and a Oliva V Melanio. An ideal day for a winter outing, with temperatures in the low 40s, gray skies, and enough snow to make things pretty without gumming up the walk. I fished downstream with a bushy dry, and I added a tiny BHSHPT dropper off the hook bend halfway through the session. I found a half dozen small wild brookies willing to slash at the dry, but the only one I brought to net took the nymph dropper.

Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.


Then I got greedy. A half hour after leaving Ye Olde Brook Trout Emporium, I was wading into the bracing waters of the Farmington River. For some time now I’d had it in my mind to fish a certain stretch with streamers (I’d never done so in the winter). Bingo. Three bumps, and although there were no hook sets, I know where they live. Fished the full-sink line and some Deep Threats.

And so, on to 2016. If you’re new to currentseams, thanks for subscribing, and welcome. I have quite a few appearances and classes scheduled this winter, and I’ll post those soon. Hope to see you at one or more of them. And of course, if our paths cross on the river, please come say hi.